Voice robot Selly

Sells better than humans keeping customers convinced, they speak to a real person

Handles incoming service calls with WOW-effect

Replace your human call centre reducing costs several times while raising the conversion rate!


Introducing Selly

The human-like AI conversation expert that keeps customers convinced they’re speaking to a real person. This is crucial for outgoing sales calls, as customers tend to hang up when they realize a robot is calling. Selly answers questions, persuades, and even falls silent when receiving counter questions or objections, listening and adapting to the customer’s needs.

Easy setup

Setting up Selly is easy, with conversation templates usually taking only 3-5 days to set up depending on script complexity. We offer integration with your CRM, such as Salesforce or Siebel, to automatically import customer call lists and export Selly conversation results.

Free integration

We provide free Integration with your CRM (such as Salesforce, Siebel, etc.) and other IT systems to automatically import customer call lists and export Selly conversation results.

Logical behaviour

Selly follows complex conversation logic and adapts to the customer’s changing situation, jumping to different parts of the conversation tree based on the client’s response. This AI expert can even sell multiple products in one conversation, adapting to the customer’s needs and increasing the conversion rate.


Selly can sell several products (or versions of one product) in one conversation. She adapts to the client (asks and catches client’s comments — what he/she already has, needs or is not interested in). This increases the conversion rate — for example, if the client already has one product, Selly will offer another — intelligent adjustment works throughout the conversation.

Previous conversation

Selly keeps track of previous conversations with a particular customer and adjusts the conversation accordingly to increase the chances of a successful sale. With Selly, you can automatically collect all necessary customer data and log a complete sale, simplifying the sales process.

Getting customer data

Selly can get all necessary customer data (dates, addresses, payment information, etc.) and log a complete sale automatically.




Telecommunication companies

Collecting agencies

Educational organizations

Retail networks and chains

Government organizations and bodies

Service organizations


Healthcare organizations

Real estate agencies

Fitness centres and beauty shops


And much more…


Attention large companies! We are offering a free trial of Selly that’s tailored to your specific needs. Experience firsthand how Selly can work with your customers and boost your conversion rate.

Our team will set up a conversation template based on your script within 3-5 days for a free pilot project. Selly will then make initial several hundred calls to your customers, providing valuable data on the resulting conversion rate. Take advantage of this opportunity to see the benefits of Selly in action

To get started with Selly, follow these easy steps:

  • Choose a product to sell and prepare a script. Don’t worry if you don’t have a script yet, we can use an existing one from your call centre.
  • Determine the desired outcome of Selly’s conversation. Whether it’s logging a complete sale, transferring interested customers to your human agents, sending an email or SMS, or another goal entirely, we can customize Selly’s conversation to fit your needs.
  • Decide whether Selly will use your telephony provider or ours.
  • Our team will set up Selly’s conversation template to match your script and desired outcomes.
  • We’ll let Selly speak with your customers so you can provide feedback and request any necessary corrections or adjustments.
  • Our team will make any necessary changes and ensure Selly is ready to provide the best possible results for your business.

Invite you for a free trial of Selly!


Selly supports 130 languages.

We work with customers in European Union, USA, Canada, China, India, Asia Pacific and South America.

Our address:

HUMANAISED LV, SIA (Latvia): Kanālu iela 9 – 5, Jūrmala, LV-2008, Latvia

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