N.I.  Head of Direct Sales Department, Tier 2 Insurance Company

❝Robot covered our client database better than people, in terms of contact rate and conversion. Conversion was 7% versus 3% for our human call centre.❞

K.D. Manager, Direct Sales Department, Tier 1 Regional Insurance Company

❝I want to note the quick launch of the robot with the provision of a script and speech modules, the allocation of a personal account in the portal with the ability to see statistics online and listen to audio files of conversations, as well as a quick response to requests and making adjustments to the script.❞

K.D. Manager, Direct Sales Department, Tier 1 Regional Insurance Company

❝In terms of communication, the robot is really like a person starting from the ability to stop, interrupt when the client is speaking, to completely rephrase the construction of phrases to get a clear answer and quick response to client requests. I will note overcoming objections: in most cases, speech modules were selected correctly, according to customer requests, and communication turned out to be “human”. I want to also highlight targeted calls and the idea of a call back, when the client himself calls back to the robot number — all of the above allowed us to increase the contact rate and increase rate of conversion.❞

A.Z. Manager, Direct Sales Department, Tier 2 Regional Bank

❝And when it is necessary to interrupt the robot and the client “interrupts” the robot, the recording stops instantly, which is unusual (usually the recording finishes talking and only then recognizes the clients’ questions) and what really surprised me is that in these calls there is a perfect and instant recognition of the client’s questions and instant answers. The client did not really realise he was talking to a robot.❞

Y.K. Manager, Direct Sales Department, Tier 2 International Bank

❝First of all, I would like to note your proactivity and involvement. Only in the pilot with you, we have added information on refinancing to the script of the robot, and only with you we made a second test run after the script was finalized. Thank you for your initiative and ideas!  According to the results of second trial, your conversion rate among 5 alternative robots was the highest (4.8%).❞

M.D, Manager, Direct Sales Department, Tier 1 Regional Telecom

❝I would like to point out the following positive points of the robot: 1. The robot accurately recognizes speech; 2. Very nice voiceover.❞

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