Large bank — Debt pre-collection

The task is to remind customers of the upcoming payment date (the call is made 3 — 5 days before the next payment date). Selly clarifies with customers whether payments will be made on time and convinces them not to delay.

Selly:  Good afternoon!

Client: Yeah, good day.

Selly: My name is Anastasiya, I am from XXX Bank. This phone call can be recorded. Remind you about the payment due on your loan agreement. The amount of your scheduled payment is 25 000 rubles. The funds should be deposited no later than April 19, 2023. Do you make the payment on time?

Client: Aha, yes. Thanks for reminding me.

Selly: I confirm your promise to make the payment, the bank will get the amount paid by April 19, 2023. You can find the payment methods by our hotline number. We are waiting for you to make the payment. Have a good day! Goodbye.

Client: Yeah, it’s correct. Goodbye.

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