Large bank — Debt collection

The task is to inform clients about overdue payments, clarify the reason for non-payment and convince them to pay as soon as possible.

Selly:  Good afternoon!

Client: Hmm, good day!

Selly: My name is Victoriya, I am from XXX Bank. This phone call can be recorded. For information security, please tell me the date of your birth.

Client: I don’t want to tell you anything. Why do you need it?

Selly: For continuing our conversation, state please your date of birth.

Client: Why do you need this information?

Selly: Knowing of your date of birth, doesn’t enable any fraudulent activities. For information security purposes. tell me please your date of birth.

Client: January 12, 1999.

Selly: Aha, you have a debt of 15 000 rubles, which is overdue by 5 days. The payment must be made by April 16, 2023. Tell me please, why are you unable to make the payment?

Client: I know that I have an outstanding balance, but I am currently experiencing financial difficulties.

Selly: I see, you may be facing financial difficulties now. However, to avoid any negative consequences, it is necessary to resolve the debt as soon as possible. Are you ready to tell me the payment date?

Client: No, I am not.

Selly: I want to inform you, that you have a debt, and it can affect your credit rating. Make the payment and avoid having a negative credit rating, it is in your best interest….

Client: I know.

Selly: The payment must be made by April 16, 2023. Can you tell me the payment date?

Client: I’m unlikely to be able to make the payment by April 16, it’s too little time.

Selly: We see the gravity of the situation and the bank is ready to extend the payment period to five days, until April 19, 2023. The fact that if you don’t pay the debt under the agreement, the bank has the right to send messages, make calls, and visit your place of residence for collecting the debt. You need to pay the debt in the coming days. Can you tell me the payment date?

Client: That’s more realistic for me, thanks for extending the payment date. I’ll most likely make the payment by this date.

Selly: I confirm your promise to make the payment. The amount of the debt is valid for today. You can find the payment methods by our hotline number. Have a good day! Goodbye!

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