Large utility company — Incoming customer service calls

Selly: Good afternoon! You appealed to the XXX utility company’s hotline for legal entities. This phone call can be recorded. How may I help you?

Client: Good day! I have some issues logging into my personal account. Could you tell me please, how to access it?

Selly: Mm, I will send you the instructions for accessing the personal account of legal entities.

Client: Okay, also, I need to transfer indications of counters.

Selly: Do you want to submit meter readings?

Client: Aha

Selly: You need to log into the personal account for legal entities for submitting meter readings.

Client: Oh, good. And how can I find out what is my debt?

Selly: Do you want to obtain information about the debt you have?

Client: Yeah, good.

Selly: Unfortunately, I am unable to provide information about the debt at the moment. I’ll send you a message with all the details. Let me know, please which option is more convenient for you to receive the information via e-mail or SMS?

Client: I guess, the e-mail is more convenient.

Selly: Aha, just a moment, I am sending all the information via email. What else can I do to help?

Client: Mm, I would like to call the accounting department?

Selly: Stay on the line, I connect you with an operator.

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