Large insurance company – Customer surveys (CSI and NPS)

The task is to implement a multifunctional conversation template for CSI/NPS surveys so that the company can add and change survey questions as needed. It covers the entire client journey from the moment of the first contact (source and channels for product registration) to overall satisfaction with service quality. The company asked not only to assess the quality of different services and products in percentages but also to categorize the main problems that customers faced.

Selly:  Good afternoon!

Client: Hmm, good day! Who’s calling?

Selly: My name is Mariya, I am a voice assistant at XXX Bank. Can you give me a few minutes?

Client: Hmm, well…I can.

Selly: You recently opened a deposit with the bank. We always strive to provide the best service. Could you please answer a few questions? It will take no more than two minutes.

Client: okay, let’s do

Selly: How did you learn about our bank’s offer?

Client: I saw an advertisement on the bus.

Selly: Thank you, let’s move to the next question. Rate please on a scale of 1 to 10 how easy and comfortable it was to open the bank product, where «10» is very easy and «1» is very difficult.

Client: Hmm, I would rate it an 8.

Selly: Tell me please, what you didn’t like?

Client: Oh, I had to wait too long, but otherwise everything was fine.

Selly: We will certainly take that on board. Let’s move on to the next question. Please rate how are you satisfied with the product terms and conditions on a scale of 1 to 10 where «10» is the most advantageous and «1» is the least advantageous.

Client: Hmmm well, I think it is an 8 too.

Selly: Hm, what specifically didn’t like?

Client: well, you know, there are more favorable rates out there, but I see that your bank is reputable, it’s okay anyway.

Selly: Thank you. We have noted your comment and will consider it. And there is the next question. How likely are you to recommend the bank to your friends, please rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, where «1» means you definitely wouldn’t recommend it and  «10» means you definitely would recommend it.

Client: Oh, I can rate a 9.

Selly: Thank you, and the last question what do you like about us?

Client: I can notice that you have a friendly staff, spacious offices, and advantageous credit products…And it’s probably everything.

Selly: Thank you for your time. Your opinion matters to us. We are waiting for you at the bank. Have a good day, goodbye!

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