Large insurance company – Insurance policy extension

Selly:  Good afternoon! My name is Mariya, I’m from the xxx insurance company.  

Client: Aha, good day?

Selly: We called you recently, but at that time you weren’t interested in renewing your mortgage policy. Perhaps the situation has changed now, so we have an advantageous offer for you. Can you hear me?

Client: I hear you.

Selly: Can you give me a few minutes?

Client: Yes, I can

Selly: I would like to remind you that when you applied for the policy, you were informed that mortgage insurance is a mandatory requirement of the bank.

Client: I know it, I know…But it’s too early to renew the mortgage policy. I’ll renew it on time.

Selly: Mm, I just want to remind you that you can pay for your policy in advance and the amount will remain the same even if your policy hasn’t expired. Are you going to renew the mortgage policy?

Client: What if I pay off the mortgage soon? No, I will pay the new mortgage policy later.

Selly: I call you for reminding you that if your policy hasn’t yet expired, you can pay for it a little earlier. Let’s renew the insurance policy, okay?

Client: I will have to pay anyway.

Selly: I will send you a link via SMS for your convince. Please pay for the policy shortly. Do you agree?

Client: Mmm, yeah…

Selly: Oh.. could you clarify please, did you make any extra payments beyond the payment schedule?

Client: No, I didn’t

Selly: If you paid according to the schedule, the payment amount will be 2000 rubles.

Client: Aha, okay, tell me please, can I pay it in my account?

Selly: Sure, you can apply for the policy using any convenient method. Then I will send you an SMS with a payment link. You need to pay and send the confirmation to the email address provided in the SMS. Thank you for using our offer. Have a good day, goodbye.

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