Large telecom provider – upsell a complex product with complete sale logging

The telecommunications company set the task of calling existing customers and offering them an improved complex product, that combines faster Internet speed, access to online cinema and video surveillance, finding out which of the product components is the most interesting for the client — and then logging the complete sale, i.e., finding out the client’s address and agreeing on the date and time of the engineer visit.

Selly:  Good afternoon! My name is Nadezhda, I represent the interests of a large telecom provider.

Client: Hm, How did you get my number? Why are you calling me?

Selly: Mmm, I want to briefly tell you about the terms of our offer, so that you know its essence and can decide whether to use it or not. Can I share our offer with you?

Client: Yeah. Make it fast, please.

Selly: Okay, we have completely updated our equipment and we offer new subscribers some favorable conditions for the Internet and TV.

Client: No, I already have the Internet at home.

Selly: Aha, I see, but I suggest listening to a proposal and increasing the internet speed to 300 Mbps per second.

Client: How much will it cost?

Selly: This package of services will cost you only 700-800 rubles per month…

Client: And what will be the internet speed?

Selly: You receive the maximum internet speed which reaches 300 Mbps per second. What do you think about our offer?

Client: Well, it’s interesting, I am currently paying more for the Internet. Let’s look.

Selly: Tell me please, can we complete the application on the telephone call?

Client: Okay, let’s try to complete it.

Selly: I need to clarify some details for checking the possibility of a technical connection. Where do you live now?

Client: In Saint Petersburg.

Selly: The package of services costs 700 rubles, but for the first three months, you will pay 350 rubles per month. Can you tell me the name of the street and the house number?

Client: Of course, Pushkina Street, 7

Selly: Fine, can you let me know please when it would be convenient for you to receive our technical manager? Our technicians work daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

Client: Mmm, tomorrow at noon it will be convenient.

Selly: I’ll send your application to the technicians, and they will contact you to clarify the details. Thank you for using our offer. Have a good day, goodbye.

Client: Thanks, goodbye!

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