Large insurance company – cross-sale of several insurance products on one call

An insurance company has set the task of cross-selling to existing customers who have recently taken out mortgage insurance — offering them a choice of additional property insurance or additional car insurance at a discount, persuading, making a sale and transferring interested clients to an insurance company’s human agents.

Selly: Hey, can you hear me? Good afternoon!

Client: Good day. Who’s calling?

Selly: My name is Anastasiya, I call you from XXX insurance company. You have previously considered options for the mortgage insurance policy, and it should end soon.

Client: Sorry, but I paid off the mortgage completely.

Selly: Mm, also you have a personalized offer for apartment insurance: in case of flooding, fire, or theft you can receive money for repairs and be able to reimburse lost property.

Client: Oh no, if I need to, I will go to the office and arrange the insurance there.

Selly: Note that mortgage insurance covers only walls, floors, and ceilings. Your property, repairs, and liability towards your neighbors aren’t covered.

Client: Well, I can’t answer right now, I need to think.

Selly: Surely, think about it, but the calculation of the insurance policy amount does not obligate you to anything. Please apply if this sounds right for you?

Client: Aha, tell me please, what can be the insurance coverage amount?

Selly: My colleague will inform you of the insurance coverage amount after the final calculation of the policy cost. Are you ready to consider calculation options?

Client: Well, why not, let’s see.

Selly: Are you okay with my colleague calling you?

Client: Okay, sounds good.

Selly: I pass the information to my colleague. Our specialists will get back to you very soon. Thank you for your time, good day to you!

Client: Aha, thank you.

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