Large bank — sale of several types of loans on one call

The bank set the task to find out the client’s interest in several products at once — a consumer loan, a credit card, a car loan, a mortgage loan and refinancing, convince and make a sale and transfer interested clients to the bank’s human agents.

Selly: Good afternoon! My name is Anastasiya, I am from XXX bank.

Client: Hello

Selly: You are our customer, so we have prepared for you…

Client: Hmm, how did you get my number?

Selly: You are a customer of the bank and for this reason, we are ready to…

Client: Mm, I am not a current bank customer.

Selly: Excuse me, but, we took your data from the bank’s database. Can you spend a few minutes now?

Client: Well, suppose, I’m listening to you.

Selly: Today we offer to consider proposals on the mortgage, credit card, and consumer loan. Let’s choose options, okay?

Client: Mm, let’s review the credit card

Selly: The bank has prepared an offer for you regarding a credit card with a favorable 120 days grace period for all transactions, including cash withdrawals.

Client: Sorry, could you tell me what is the interest rate?

Selly: You will find out the interest rate and other conditions when you consider the available offers with the operator. Do you agree to look over the proposal?

Client: And what are the credit card terms?

Selly: There is a favorable 120 days grace period for all transactions, including cash withdrawals. And my colleague will tell you all the detailed conditions. Would you like to learn more?

Client: Oh, I already have a credit card, and I think I won’t be approved for a new one.

Selly: You know, we have multiple offers for different bank products, and all of this increases the chances of loan approval. Are you ready to consider our proposals?

Client: Hmm, tell me about the mortgage, please.

Selly: Mm, the bank offers a mortgage for buying housing with the reduced program with rates starting from 0.2%

Client: Yeah, wow, could you tell me, what documents are required?

Selly: Aha, the list of documents depends on the specific product selected. My colleague will inform you with more details.

Client: How can I get the payment schedule?

Selly: You can get the information on payments and other information related to the loan from my colleague. Are you okay with my colleague calling you?

Client: Yes, well.

Selly: Aha, our specialists will get back to you very soon. Thank you for your time, good day to you!

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